Vikas on ongoing exams: BJP government held Vikas Yatra program with confidence on ongoing exams in nursing college of Siddhapur

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Vikas on ongoing exams: BJP government held Vikas Yatra program with confidence on ongoing exams in nursing college of Siddhapur

There is hidden anger among the students against the college administrators and the system for allowing the program during the examination in the college.
During the GNM examination of 164 students in the college under the government’s trust development program, the students could not appear in the examination properly.

As the government program is more important than the examination of the students in the Government Nursing College of Siddapur, during the ongoing examination, the students could not concentrate properly due to the noise of the program being held in the college campus due to the noise of the program, the students were not able to concentrate properly due to the interruption of their examination, hidden anger was seen among the students who did not go to the examination properly. was Controversy has erupted after a program was held at a government nursing college at Siddpur in the district on Monday, endangering the future of students.

GNM examination of students was going on
In which on Friday, 164 students studying in the second year of nursing at Siddapur College came to take the exam in five blocks. The time of the exam was from 10:00 am to 1 pm. The GNM exam of the students was going on. A development program was being held.

Students’ anger against the organizing administration
Due to the sound of this programme, students had great difficulty in taking the exam. However, the students were frustrated as they could not concentrate in the exam and did not pass the exam. The students expressed their anger against the administrative system that organized the program for allowing the program even though the government programs were considered more special than the exams.

Government does not care about students’ exams, but about its own propaganda: MLA Chandanji
Siddhapur MLA Chandanji Thakore, giving a statement about the program, said that despite the ongoing examination of the students, the Bharatiya Janata Party has compromised the future of the students by doing the development program with faith. BJP is not worried about students’ exams but its own propaganda. Till this day Bharatiya Janata Party government has done injustice to students by forging many papers. He questioned whether it is appropriate to conduct government programs while the examination is going on in the college in Siddhapur.

The program was rehearsed before, the sound did not go down as the program was on the fourth floor: Provincial official
Amiben, the in-charge principal of the college, said that the program was told from the provincial office and it was said that it was a one-hour program for which the program was held. The Siddapur provincial official said that before deciding the place, the program was rehearsed by going to the nursing college. Examination was held on the lower two floors during inspection. The third floor was kept in buffering and the event was held on the fourth floor. During the rehearsal, the voice was checked and instructions were given to the audience to be silent while leaving.

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